National Recognised Training Qualifications

Location: BeenLeigh,  and Training thoughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Interested in undertaking a career in hospitality? Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training offers hospitality training courses that are essential in the industry. With all venues now governed by very strict government regulations, it is essential for All employers and prospective employees to have the required qualifications to even begin employment. Anyone wishing to work in any venue that serves alcohol, must have completed certification in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), this is a minimum legal requirement. If working in a venue that offers  further certification is also compulsory. If you’re already working in hospitality and wish to further your career, our responsible management of Licences Venues  is perfect for those looking to expand their particular career path.  Gaining further certification will give you the skills to further your career and allow  your career in hospitality to be both fun and rewarding,



Hospitality Courses

BBHT Hospitaility

BBHT Hospitality

Certificate II in Hospitality                    PDF         
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 Certificate III in Hospitality                          PDF
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Certificate IV in Hospitality                           PDF
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Diploma of Hospitality                                  PDF
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Retail Courses 

Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training retail

Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training retail

Certificate II in Retail                                  PDF


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 Certificate III in Retail                                   PDF


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Certificate IV in Retail                                        PDF


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Training & Assessment Courses

Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training Cert IV inTraining & assessment

Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training Cert IV inTraining & assessment


Certificate II in Hospitality                PDF


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Short Courses

Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training Short Courses

Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training Short Courses

 ResponsibleService of Alcohol                                                            PDF


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 Responsible Gambling Services                                                           PDF


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Responsible Management of Licensed Venues                                  PDF


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Gaming Nominees Course                                                                       PDF

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Customer Liaison Officer Training Program                                           PDF

 Course Information                                                                                                  Enroll Here ________________________________________________________________Food Handling Course                                                                               PDF

 Course Information                                                                                                                                                 Enroll Here                                                                     _______________________________________________________   FoodSafety Supervisor                                                                                  PDF                                        Course Information                                                                                 Enroll Here ________________________________________________________________Coffee Making (Barista)                                                                                PDF Course Information                                                                               Enroll Here __________________________________________________________First Aid Courses                                                                                  PDF  Course Information                  Enroll Here  ______________________________________________________________Introduction to Bar Operations                                                                PDF  Course Information                  Enroll Here ________________________________________________________________  Introduction to Gaming Operations                                                     PDF Course Information                                                                                   Enroll Here ____________________________________                                                           Introduction to Accommodation Housekeeping                                     PDF                          Course Information                                                                               Enroll Here _____________________________________