Customer Liaison Officer Training Program

Sometimes employees in the gambling industry come across patrons that may need help to manage his or her gambling problem. This is why it’s important to have specialised trained staff to deal with such times. As stated in the Queensland Office of Gaming: Responsible Gambling Code of Practice; Section 2.2; Gambling providers are to nominate a person to perform the customer liaison role and who is trained to:
  • provide appropriate information to assist customers with gambling-related problems;
  • support staff in providing assistance to those customers; and
  • provide assistance to staff with gambling-related problems

They Will Learn:

  • Interaction with the Community
  • Self Exclusion Provisions
  • Venue Initiated Exclusions
  • Appeals Procedures
  • Active Monitoring
  • Register of Venue Exclusions
  • Reporting Procedures to Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
  • Help and Support Information for Customers
This Customer Liaison Officers training program covers both the legislative and code of practices requirements.

Who Should Do This Course?

Course Inclusions: 4 hours training, participant’s manual and Statement of Attendance