Gaming Nominee Qualification

Shazelle Services, authorised by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR), has developed an excellent training package for Gaming Nominee. The revamped Gaming Nominee Competency Based Training (GN) is designed to address all the modern issues and procedures faced by today’s gaming nominee. This mandatory course, as part of the nominee application process, expands on the Gaming Machine Act requirement for Nominees. OLGR prescribed training requirements include:

They Will Learn:

  • Premises, gaming machines and equipment;
  • Storage, acquisition and disposal;
  • Gaming machine relocation and conversions;
  • Records, registers and accounting analysis;
  • Performance records and reconciliation reports;
  • Banking and float controls;
  • Monthly variance records;
  • Gaming analysis;
  • Computer-based accounting package;
  • Gaming compliance;
  • Obligations of Gaming Nominee;
  • Notification of current/change of Executive;
  • Register of Gaming Machines;
  • Taxes and levies paid;
  • End of financial year requirements;
  • Governance and committee responsibilities;
  • Internal training methodologies;
  • Licensing requirements;
  • Role of OLGR, QLD Gaming Commission and Licensed Monitoring Operators (LMO);
  • Gaming trading hours;
  • When to contact LMO or OLGR Other gambling products

Who Should Do This Course?

Course: Inclusions: Two day training, 9am – 5pm, lunch, Gaming Nominee Manual, Certificate of Attendance, notification to OLGR on achievement. Course Price: $495 per person