SIT20212 Certificate II in Hospitality

 The qualification SIT20212 Certificate II in Hospitality is suitable for an Australian apprenticeship pathway and for VET in Schools delivery. The qualificatioSIT20212 Certificate II in Hospitality provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic operational knowledge and limited practical skills in a defined context.


Work would be undertaken in various hospitality settings, such as restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops. Individuals may work with some autonomy or in a team but usually under close supervision.


Individuals with the qualification SIT20212 Certificate II in Hospitality are able to perform roles such as undertaking mis-en- place prior to service, serving food and beverage to tables, preparing and serving drinks at a bar, selling beverages in a retail liquor outlet, attending gaming machines, providing housekeeping services, providing reception or front desk services, providing assistance in a catering operation. Possible job titles include bar attendant, bottle shop attendant, catering assistant, food and beverage attendant, housekeeping attendant, porter, receptionist or front office assistant, and gaming attendant.


 Training requirements

To achieve the SIT20212 Certificate II in Hospitality, 11 units must be completed. This is made up of all 6 Core units, plus a total of 5 Elective units. For this qualification, electives may be selected to meet either a specialist or multi-skilled job outcome.

These elective units can be chosen when consulting one of the Brisbane Business & Hospitality & Training staff who can offer you guidance and assistance to choose the right stream for you.



The location to do the  SIT20212 Certificate II in Hospitality  course with  Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training can be delivered throughout Metropolitan and Regional Queensland.


Course duration

This course is structured through competency based training and assessment. Course duration is based on individual training requirements.


Entry requirements

Students who wish to enrol in  Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training programs are required to obtain a copy of the Student Handbook before making a final decision on training. There are no prerequisites for entry to this qualification.

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Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training has a rolling intake. Continuous enrolments allow students to commence training at any time. Enrolments for traineeships involve a consultant visiting your workplace to complete paperwork and answer questions call Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training 07 31179722  or 0409890298  or email for details.


Delivery modes

This course may be delivered through a combination of class, workplace, self-paced and distance learning.


Course fees

Please phone Brisbane Business & Hospitality Training 07 31179722 to discuss the fee details for this course. Some participants may be eligible for Government Funding Assistance

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